You Deserve Reliable Air Quality.
We Make It Simple. 

Attract and Retain More Customers and Employees.
Reduce Absenteeism.
Improve Productivity.
Discover Savings that can Rapidly PAY FOR ITSELF!

Technology shouldn't be complicated.
We now offer FREE TRIALS. 

Choosing the wrong technology - or the wrong amount of a good technology - can cost you...

 - Lost Energy Savings Opportunities.


 - Missed Maintenance Advantages

 - Valuable Budget $$ Misspent. 

UV-C, when applied correctly, can destroy more than 99.9% of all airborne pathogens -- including the one that causes COVID-19.

YOU CAN achieve reliable air quality in your facility. 
Your students, customers, and employees will Thank You. 
3-5 year Return On Investment (sometimes less!)

Introducing the Certified Safe Air™ Program

Safe Air Sticker IG.jpeg

Validate your air quality with 

- UV-C Radiometer readings.

- UV-C Dosimeter cards.

- Free signage and digital media tools.

Three Easy Steps to Protecting Your Indoor Air Quality with UV-C

  1. Talk with us about your air quality and efficiency goals.

  2. Choose and install a professionally designed Safe Air UV solution.

  3. Communicate the good news with your customers, employees, and community with simple and free messaging templates.

Why Safe Air UV?

  • Made in America since 1963 + Short Lead Times.

  • Professional Sizing for Your Facility. 

  • Precise Air Quality & ROI Calculations.

  • Non-Proprietary UV Bulbs. Our Philips bulbs are readily available, powerful, and inexpensive so you'll never be handcuffed to us after the sale!

  • All Safety Features and Hardware Included - Every Time.

We can even help with the bid process! Our products have been used as the Basis of Design for Federal RFPs, ​


We are a TIPS approved vendor which allows you to legally and comfortably single-source your project with our professional team. 


TIPS is a well recognized national purchasing cooperative that meets or exceeds multi-bid requirements in every state. 

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