Because Your Employees and Patrons Deserve a Safer Workplace.


In a Meeting
UV in the Air Duct is a "best practice"
  • Protect your staff,
  • Prevent complaints
  • Reduce Energy Expenses
  • Save on Mechanical Expenses
Productivity and Attendance are improved with superior air quality.

Collaboration happens when staff can meet and collectively work through issues 

Offices are opening. Employees and customers deserve safer air. 

Many companies are using UV air disinfection to reduce maintenance expenses and mitigate risk.

Typing at Desk

Invest in Safe Air that Pays for Itself.

“Installation of UV-C in most North American offices could resolve work related symptoms in about 4 million employees, caused by contamination of HVAC systems.”

- The Lancet Medical Journal in review of a double blind office study.

Solutions for Every Office

2x2 light
Hallway 180 Degree
Wall Mount - Upper Air
Open Top Wall Fixtures

Choose Safe Air.


For Improved Employee Performance.

For Fewer Sick Days and Complaints. 

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