You've heard great things about UV.
You're diligent in your research
There's a lot to sort through. 

We get it. 

That's why we now offer Free Trials. 

define success

Whether you goal is Air Quality, Energy and Maintenance Savings, or Renewed Peace of Mind within your facility, We will discuss and agree on a measurable definition of success. 

install for free. measure the results.

We help  achieve your Air Quality goals and evaluate success by the standards you set. 


Proceed to scale.

After meeting measurable expectations, we proceed with your project to scale. 


All UV is not the same.

Let us help you build a system to meet expectations today. 

Or use the simple sizing tool below for a recommendation. 

Installation is easy and can be transferred to new air handlers or spaces as needed.

Fixture Sizing Chart.JPG
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